Little Pearl, Big City


This is my personal blog!! So excuse my face up there. I do what I like on here, so if you want a prettier face please go to my cosplay blog!!

I got to Katsucon pretty late on friday evening (because I had to finish sewing my Disciple costume shh) and i didn’t have enough time to gray myself up, but i got dressed in Aranea anyways and went around with Becky who was dressed as the classiest Porrim and then I was able to meet up with Yana (my first con friend I’ve ever made ever!!) and then I got to meet and get a picture with tumblr users totalspiffage and ceriene <3<3

They were both so nice and remembered me the next day when I went up to them in my Disciple and just ahhh it was so lovely actually being able to meet them and just oh gosh senpais

wow gosh i never knew i had a habit of tilting my head to the right when i smile do i seriously do that holy fuck