Little Pearl, Big City


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(well, the original. i think this is from the sequel)

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As long as people keep churning them out gradually, it should be fine! *__*

I just go through them SO quickly T__T and I get sad that I don’t find much of my favorite type of story. Things like fairy tale AUs and “online” fics; good ones of those are difficult to find; mostly they exist in USUK land. ;__;

i’ve actually always been a picky reader my perfect story will make me FEEL things all sorts of things like happy sad miserable angry things like that and it’ll be lovely and long with a dash of humor and goood characterization. not so many of those around though ;__; oh and lots of porn. porn is nice. very nice.

Online fics?

Only copied your tags because YES YES YES YES. Minus the always picky reader; I’ll read everything and anything when I first get into something. But the best things are always those complete worlds that grab you and take you somewhere. Also porn helps. A lot. Er. A lot.

Also, like every other TSN fic is like that, the complete package of plot, characterization, humor, voice, multiple thousands of words like nothing, sexytimes… I got a little addicted over the summer.


You know the most miserable part of finding those really good fics?
The authors are almost always guaranteed to take forever with updates.

Although, that’s fine too, since when they DO update, it’s like a ALSKJDALKJDS HAPPY SURPRISE WHAT YES

So I never mind too much~
oh lordie, if a fic can cause me to react physically, it’s a good one.